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The name Quiubox is a combination of the Colombian expression “¿Quiubo?”, meaning “what’s up”, “hello, what is happening”, and a “box”, referring to a small scale architectural object, a container of knowledge and activities.
Quiubox is a nomadic workshop, a project designed for the Afro-Colombian communities living in the coastal areas surrounding Cartagena. The project has been developed working closely with FEM, a local non-profit organization that seeks to tackle inequality and build bridges between professionals and ethnic communities in the Colombian Caribbean.
The Carribean territory is beautiful and fragile. Vast portions of the coast are constantly facing floods due to the rising level of the sea. Afro-colombian communities are often living in disadvantaged areas, lacking of a vision and methods to face these tough new challenges. The local population often builds houses directly on the sea shore, meaning that in the following years a huge number of dwellings will need to be relocated to safer areas.
Quiubox sees these challenges as an opportunity to work closely with the local population and actively involve them in the development of a strategy. Under a common shed roof, a workshop co-exists with a public gathering space. Here people can meet and learn through the processes of making. Quiubox will teach new ways to build, repair boats, produce local furniture. The aim is to develop and strengthen the sense of community and at the same time offer a vision to tackle the issues caused from climate change.
Quiubox sits on a floating platform to be able to move along the coast, from island to island, in the mangroves, and in the river communities. We estimate more then 40 villages can be reached and lots of knowledge can be shared.
Design & Graphics: Boano Prišmontas
Illustration: Marìa Eugenia Beizo



Boano Prišmontas

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