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15 - 21 APRIL

fuorisalone via tortona milano


Walk of Design

Tortona Design Week 2024 aims to highlight the connection between the exhibition itinerary and the territorial context that has always hosted the circuit. This reality becomes a dynamic framework in which exhibiting companies insert their installations, creating an intriguing dialogue between past, present and future, between local and international elements, between tradition and innovation.


As the theme of the 2024 edition, TDW proposes its own "Walk of Design" through the iconic places of the Tortona district, where engaging exhibition installations alternate between closed and outdoor spaces, along its streets and inside ancient factories Places such as the evocative "Ponte degli Artisti," the Antica Fabbrica 14 with its distinctive chimney, the Torneria Traviganti, the imposing complex of the Ex Ansaldo, the Opificio 31 and the Galvanotecnica Bugatti, to name a few, bring with traces of the past, which merge with the creativity and innovation of the new exhibitors.


Our "Walk of Design" recalls the most famous Hollywood walk and as for the "Walk of Fame" here too each location and each company involved in the Tortona Design Week, like a star, has its own particular and unique story to tell: a story of work, commitment, innovation, creativity and success.


The collaboration between companies and the territory integrates design into a plot rich in history and tradition while the key themes of sustainability, technology and craftsmanship act as a common thread, allowing brands to express their vision in an innovative and meaningful way creative.

The sponsors of  TortonaDesignWeek

Tortona Design Week circuit has developed a great knowledge of the area, its resources and potential, and today offers consultancy aimed at fully satisfying customer needs. Milan Design Week, now spread throughout the city and known generically as 'fuorisalone', was born in the Tortona area and welcomes more than 150,000 people to this district each edition. Workshops, workshops, shops, converted former factories, all spaces equipped with avant-garde services, available for events, shows, temporary shops, photo shoots, showrooms. Taking advantage of its location system that constitutes a true circuit within the Tortona area, Tortona Design Week represents a true meeting point for ideas and initiatives, a pivot around which temporary events rich in innovative content gravitate.

Con la nostra mappa, ogni esposizione e ogni brand diventano tesori da scoprire: dai grandi nomi dell'innovazione alle gemme nascoste dell'avanguardia creativa, avrai tutto a portata di mano.


Sii pronto a vivere la Tortona Design Week come non hai mai fatto prima: parti per questa Walk of Design e sii protagonista di questa nuova edizione del FuoriSalone meneghino!

persone alla tortona design week milano


A journey into the world of sound design, a large blank canvas on which to tell their stories, a telephone to exchange scents and a plate to learn how to eat slowly while studying the stars: the 2023 edition talked about youth, research and the future. Creating new values, involving and educating. With Future to Share, the 2023 edition of Tortona Design Week focused on the new generations and the rediscovery of creative and experimental design: promoting innovation and creativity means starting today to build a future of sharing and inclusiveness. The event attracted over 90 thousand visitors with a strong turnout of students from China, Japan and Eastern Europe. Not only spectators, young people were the protagonists of this edition. Discover the numbers of the 2023 edition!

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