Color Design® Lechler

Color Design® Lechler – “The Way of Accent” 

Valuable elements characterising the domestic habitat.

Lechler interprets the theme of sustainability by promoting a culture that discourages the production of waste. The need to reduce the production of useless manufactured items with ephemeral duration and representing an infinite source of waste to be disposed of, leads us towards a production of valuable elements, which we will not replace quickly, because they are well-finished and beautiful and we become attached to them because they partially represent us. In this exhibition Lechler offers four collections of timeless colours and effects to create timeless spaces thanks to "objects" intended in a broad sense: valuable manufactured items, furniture, walls, in which paint is a precious element that adds or returns to give great value. The four collections of "The Way of Accent" - Lechler's latest Color Design® project - are inspired by the timeless colours of quartz and agates, where the variegation of the geodes reveals accents and colours on neutral schemes going back millions of years. Our proposal is, actually, also a revision and an evolution of the concept of neutral, in which the colour does not disappear but is used in a different way. The Color Design® concept of Lechler, a paint manufacturer since 1858, links the development of chemistry to the evolution of the language of colour, providing indications, suggestions and technical information that facilitate the selection of colours and finishes to design domestic environments and to harmonise furniture, accessories and walls at the same time. With a view of sustainability neutral colours last longer and have a longer visual duration. However, in a neutral context, to characterise the environment it is necessary to give an accent, that is to enhance a point (a manufactured item, a piece of furniture, a wall detail). We work by priority of visual reading: the accent is the focus.