Keio University

New HOLOS - Awakening New Health


Under the theme of "New HOLOS -Awakening New Health-," the Graduate School of System Design and Management at Keio University (Keio SDM) exhibits two solutions: 1) YOKUN, a new habit-based training program that focuses on the decline of the sense of smell that we are not usually aware of; and 2) AQUA STASIS, a product that encourages proper hydration on a daily basis, which is difficult to practice even if you know it is necessary.


The sense of smell declines with age, also the sense whose decline is least recognized. As one's sense of smell declines, one becomes insensitive to strange smells and is unable to detect danger. It also makes food less tasty, reduces appetite, and is detrimental to health. The sense of smell is an important sense for safety and longevity.

 YOKUN is a habit-based olfactory training system. The system makes people to think about the other person through the exchange of scents and to continue the training by realizing a gentle communication.


The amount of water a person should drink each day is hard to drink consciously, and not so much fun.

However, if you change your point of view of consuming water, this can be a different appearance.

AQUA STASIS is a product that allows people to drink the required amount of water daily by combining the Japanese approach of giving water a temporal meaning and the Western approach of giving water a spatial beauty.