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Decor Lab: decoration without limits 


A new space in via Tortona 37 in Milan, where you can discover products, materials and customized solutions for a different and original vision of interior decoration. Design, art and decor meet in unique spaces, thanks to the personal touch and modern techniques of materials decoration. Decor Lab offers, from 6 to 12 June, together with its precious partners, environments, solutions and ideas to show the innovations of the world of customization. These are just a few examples of how technology, materials and creativity can be merged to create something unique and particular, with an eye to sustainability and technical performance. 

On the occasion of 2022 Milan Design Week Decor Lab is a partner of Tortona Design Week, the historic district of Milan that this year, with its project Fluidity and Design, offers visitors new visions and scenarios, reflecting the epochal changes that today’s spaces have undergone.

An event in the event - the exhibition Interiors 

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Decor Lab hosts the exhibition based on the concept Interiors by Stayonboard Art Gallery (ST.o.B.). The artists, from four different countries, will face the concept Interiors with different forms and artistic techniques, to express – with their own sensitivity – how the world has transformed the absence of unlimited boundaries into interiors, where the human being had to recover. The gallery proposes an introspective approach to art, as a form of slow-art.

Come and discover how to overcome your creative limits!