Fuori di Design 2022 "La sostenibilita╠Ç fatta materia - Sustainability becomes matter"


"Fuori di Design" is a shared showcase promoted by Materioteca® that takes place within Zip Zone Events. The talents hosted in this tenth edition belong to the design movement that declines the five “R” as "reduce, reuse, recycle, recover, redesign!". 

Some brands that have already performed in the past years with Materioteca® will show their new collections: Cycled their stylish belts obtained by recycling bicycle tyres, Ushak their “retro” glasses in natural horn of regenerated buffalo, Wayfordesign their delicious anthropomorphic jewels 3D printed. 

The exhibition will be powered by the extraordinary participation of Idea Plast, a company whose research and development has proven over the years to be an exceptional forge of inspiration and stimulus in giving an unprecedented second life to a disparate variety of polymer waste, among which chewing gum and used tyres stand out.

Direct3D will give live demonstration of the eternal magic of 3D direct printing from pellets.