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Tortona Design Week for the 2023 edition offers itself to the general public with an ambitious and at the same time inclusive theme: "Future to Share" expresses in all its simplicity the desire, strongly felt by the entire organization, to return to sharing with others a future expressed in all its meanings: innovation, technology but also the planning of an everyday life that now seems far away.
Future to Share is also learning, sharing and building change. In fact, among the various brands that have already decided to participate in the event, many are planning workshops and training meetings, capable of transforming the audience into competent and critical listeners of the present.
We will discover how the concept of design is changing to respond to the needs of a "new" society and project its lines towards a coveted future that is already so close as to almost correspond to today.
Once again this year Tortona Design Week wants to act as a point of reference for all design lovers, for national and international trend setters and for the thousands of people who flock to Via Tortona and Via Savona each edition. A place/non-place that enhances the macro concepts towards which the future is pointing: technological innovation, sustainable urban manufacturing, social inclusiveness, self-production and an increasingly widespread circular economy. Only education towards these themes will allow us to experience an increasingly shared and participatory future.

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