Tortona Design Week – Milan, June 6 – 12, 2022

Tortona Design Week invites you to participate in the new project "FLUIDITY AND DESIGN".

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The waiting is growing for fuorisalone 2022, which will animate the city during the Milan Design Week 2022 and that this year, more than ever, will be an important moment of restart for the whole sector and an opportunity for the many passionates to return to breathe an air of normality, walking and visiting the districts of Milan that will propose installations, furnishings and innovative concepts related to design, which have made Milan the world capital of design.

As every year, during Milan Design Week, in the Tortona area, the project signed by Tortona Design Week will be unmissable. Torneria Tortona and Tortona Locations, among the promoters and organisers of the event, have developed Fluidity and Design for the occasion, a project that once again confirms the path taken in recent years, which sees design as a collector of cultural and sociological transformation. Fluidity and Design, a recurring theme that has been around for quite some time now, is inspired by the conditions that are imposed on us and that are shaping our lives. We are constantly put to the test as we try to redefine our position and adjust the boundaries of our identity, in a scenario where it is difficult to imagine how spaces will be and how they will be lived.  From the disorientation and uncertainty of these times, unexpected scenarios can arise, especially where the power of creativity is fertile. Fluidity and Design: the vision of spaces and rethink them to accept new challenges, designing to set new foundations and concepts in the field of design, two key words that identify a path that leading companies in the sector are pursuing to implement their restart.  Design that reflects epochal change, sensitive to the changing conditions of modern life, respectful of the differences and new demands that have suddenly and overwhelmingly appeared on the international scene. Design can demonstrate the strength that objects and spaces can give in a world that has become increasingly interconnected, to overcome all barriers, including invisible and psychological ones, design that is capable of creating new values, involving and educating. Designers from all over the world will have the opportunity to dialogue with the city of Milan and the Tortona district, considered a meeting point for many emerging artists and more. 

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