Urbo, a company that has always had an innovative approach to urban installations, has decided to support Domus Academy in The Roundabout project.

The idea stems from the desire to offer the City of Milan a piece of furniture dedicated to the Winter Olympics, in view of Milan Cortina 2026.

The students of Domus Academy, in fact, have developed their proposals, drawing inspiration from an old mountain chairlift.

The furniture produced by Urbo for The Roundabout project are all made of tubular metal, which is curved in order to achieve the conceived design. The colors proposed for the furniture are three and recall the medal collection: gold, silver and bronze.

The resulting collection of chairs is transversal: Urbo conceived it - in collaboration with Domus Academy - to be of design but also to respect the request of potential private customers, also in the weight and stability of the structure, making them suitable for placement in hotels, parks or gardens.

In addition to the furniture presented in this context, during the Fuori Salone, Urbo is prototyping three types of street lamps, in collaboration with Linea Light Group.