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For more than 30 years, Nardi has been designing and producing outdoor furniture tailored to people's well-being and relaxation.
Polypropylene and aluminium are the two materials the company has selected as they are totally recyclable and have intrinsic qualities that make them particularly ideal for use in outdoor areas. They are offered in combination with synthetic fabrics and padded elements for outdoor furniture suitable for all needs in thehome and in the contract sector. They stand out for their original design, focus on ergonomics and resistance to weather conditions.

Led by Anna and Floriana Nardi, in 2019 the company, advocating a sustainable approach, created a production line, called Regeneration, dedicated to producing outdoor furniture in post-consumer plastic. Regeneration also allows Nardi to experiment with eco-friendly solutions that can be applied on a large scale to the entire production cycle, from the concept creation of individual furniture items to their packaging. In the same year, Nardi introduced LCA analysis on several products in order to gradually implement further actions to improve its environmental performance.

All Nardi products are entirely made in Chiampo (VI), where the company has its headquarters, at three production sites, designed using state-of-the-art technologies that are also environmentally friendly. At our production facilities, energy-saving hybrid injection presses are installed, where the water used does not become contaminated and no polluting gases or fumes are emitted into the atmosphere. As of January 2023, all Nardi factories use electricity exclusively from certified renewable sources, thanks to a contract that ensures a 100% green supply of energy produced by the Marlengo hydroelectric power plant (Merano, South Tyrol).

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Hundredicrafts is a haute design brand for intangible cultural heritage of creative handicrafts to meet contemporary aesthetic pursuit and modern life needs.


Based on profound understanding of the market demand, we combine modern design with traditional craftsmanship, in order to explore a new model to engage people by innovating traditional crafts and bringing back vitality of tradition.

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THE RED EXPERIENCE by Ploom X Ora ïto at Milan Design Week is a sensory journey between the real and the imaginary world: an immersive experience into Ploom's innovative vision and the creative mind of the renowned French designer Ora ïto.


By blending technological modernity and timeless design, THE RED EXPERIENCE offers an engaging insight into Ora ïto's creative world. Navigate through unique spaces - a journey that becomes increasingly immersive at every step, stimulating the senses with its iconic shade of red. "Red is a highly symbolic color with significant impact," says Ora ïto. "Just place a single red object in an empty room, and you will understand its unique energy.


Red has many interpretations - for some, it means love, for others, it's intensity and boldness. Red symbolizes our love for bold, passionate products that bring our senses to life."

Discover a sensory universe at THE RED EXPERIENCE by Ploom X Ora ïto from April 17-21, 2024, at Via Tortona, 32 - 20144 Milan.


The limited edition "Red by Ora ïto"


THE RED EXPERIENCE at Milan Design Week is the perfect setting to celebrate the worldwide launch of Ploom X in the limited edition "Red by Ora ïto", born from the collaboration between Ploom and the famous designer. This exclusive reinterpretation of the Ploom device is as fascinating as it is captivating. Reimagined by Ora ïto, it is a stunning creation, with a bold red lacquered finish. A collection of accessories in the same iconic color completes the limited edition, including a back cover, a case, and the shoulder bag, an exclusive creation by Ora ïto for Ploom.

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Lechler, manufacturer of paints since 1858, today distributed in over 65 countries in the world, has been promoting for ever the colour culture by studying trends and future scenarios as well as by developing technological solutions to realise it.


Through the concept Color Design®, which links the development of chemistry to the evolution of colour language, Lechler gives indications, recommendations and technical information making colour and finish selection easier to design home environments and to harmonise at the same time furniture, accessories and walls.


As part of Color Design® Lechler proposes the series "The Way of ... ", colour collections that give shape to contemporary chromatic paths inspired by unusual themes. Since 2015 and on an annual basis, The Way of ... proposals have been launched on the occasion of the Fuorisalone and spread worldwide through the various offices and distributors.

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Between classic and modern, trends and counter-trends, international atmospheres and Milanese glamour: nhow is a unique blend of originality and contrasts, expressing itself each time with innovative languages and surprising forms. A former industrial building transformed into an unconventional space that redefines the concept of a hotel.


A container of unique experiences in continuous transformation, to be discovered but above all to be lived. An ideal location for seeing and being seen, in the heart of creative Milan, amidst fashion and design showrooms.

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Solgami x Seagram

The "Solgami meets Seagram" exhibition marks the international launch of the Solgami Ambient Light System, set against a full-scale replica of Mies Van der Rohe’s Seagram Building.


Through the redirection of natural light and heat, the exhibition leads viewers to delve more deeply into the interplay between their external and internal environments, and the complex dilemma of sustainability in the context of the enduring built environment.

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The origins of Karimoku Furniture Inc. date back to 1940, when Shohei Kato took over a longstanding timbercompany and established a small woodworking shop in the town of Kariya, Aichi.

The company producedvarious wooden parts in the ensuingdecades, developing a range of techniques and technology beforelaunching its own line of wooden furniture in the 1960s.

Building upon the concept of manufacturing high-techand high-touch products, the company established bases in timber production areasand soon developed intoone of Japan’s leading manufacturers of wooden furniture.

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Stone Island is a global leader of product design and garment innovation.


Founded in Italy in 1982, it has consistently pushed fabric technology and experimentation, particularly focusing on functionality and utilitarianism.


Design is driven by purpose, resulting in an immediately recognisable signature of cut, form, materiality and colour. For over four decades, Stone Island has built an ever-growing worldwide community which both celebrates the brand’s heritage and is activated by new product developments.

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ADF is a non-profit organization established in Japan in 2009 to raise the social status of designers, artists, and architects and foster human resources who can play an active role on the global stage. Since its establishment, ADF has formed numerous business partnerships with design and architecture associations and organizations around the world, and since 2013 has set up an exhibition space at the Garde Italy office in the Tortona district during Milan Design Week, an annual event held in Milan. 

GARDE is an international branding and interior design company based in Tokyo with offices in Osaka, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, New York and Los Angeles. We offer consulting, creative design and coordination services.

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AOKE manufactures high quality height adjustable desk frames.
To ensure a fast and efficient distribution we have a central European warehouse of > 5.500 m2 in The Netherlands.

From this warehouse we can ship our products to almost every address in Europe within 5 working days, from just one pallet to a complete container.

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Ceramica Dolomite, founded in 1965 in Trichiana (nowBorgo Valbelluna) at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites, has always been an expression of "savoir faire" sanitary ceramic products that combine the passion and know-how of our people with the most innovative and automated production technologies.

Constant attention to the evolution of design and product quality, as well as attention to customer service, has allowed us over the years to become a reference brand in the market for bathroom furnishings and community products.

Today Ceramica Dolomite produces bathroom collections, laundry, kitchen and community items in its 130,000 sq. m. factory, 70,000 sq. m. of which are covered, fighting waste and recycling waste in full respect of the environment

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Decor Lab was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating a meeting point between the world of design and digital decoration operators. The wide range of materials and decorative solutions through digital technologies allows the architect to fully express his creativity, but requires a thorough knowledge of the different solutions. For this reason, workshops are organized periodically, where it is possible to "touch and feel" products, solutions and materials, to understand their aesthetic, their performance, certifications and ecological values. Today Decor Lab is an appreciated meeting point for architects, their customers and different specialists, unique in Italy and Europe.  It stands in the Milanese market as a point of connection between companies that offer unique interior decoration solutions and professionals who want to stand out with original and exclusive projects, to impress those who look and live the interior space. 

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Launched in 1989, Lexus is a global luxury brand offering a full range of premium vehicles, including the LS and ES sedans, the LC and RC F coupes, the LC Convertible, the UX, NX, RZ and RX crossovers, and the GX and LX SUVs.

Lexus' goal is to "make luxury personal" through imaginative technology, meticulous workmanship, refined elegance and "omotenashi," the Japanese sense of hospitality.

With more than 2.4 million hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric vehicles sold so far worldwide, the Lexus Electrified vision builds on the brand's experience in electrified vehicles and aims for a fundamental leap in performance, handling, control, and driver enjoyment through electrification technologies. In Europe, more than 80 percent of Lexus sales are electrified.

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NOROO Group presents "MIRAGE," inviting visitors to enjoy a multi-sensory experience in which to explore numerous paths of iridescent colors and infinite reflections penetrating prisms of light. and infinite reflections penetrating prisms of light in collaboration with 3D printed eco-sustainable artworks by UAUproject, directed by NOROO Milan design Studio.The exhibition draws inspiration from forests, mysterious inviolability and light, balance and flexibility, wisdom and harmony, and its ability to make different nature and ecosystems coexist.

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Keio SDM is one of the few graduate schools in the world to use systems engineering as its foundation, training students to create new value by viewing the world as a system to solve complex and diverse social issues.

Through theoretical education in systems design and project-based practical education in management, Keio SDM nurtures leaders for social change.

Two teams of Keio SDM students are exhibiting their innovative solutions to social problems.

We will give you the experience of new value.

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RNA is the complementary chemical molecule of DNA, capable of making the organism inherit and translate the genetic content of DNA.
The RNA - Riccardo Nemeth Architecture firm aims to translate architectural knowledge to its clients, providing a high standard of quality service with a delineated style; RNA's philosophy is based on knowledge of the past, analysis of the present and a vision of the future.

The approach to architecture is one of craftsmanship based on method and professionalism.

Confrontation with people, respect for the landscape and knowledge of materials are elements to be respected and told in the project.
The studio was founded in Milan in 2015 and has since then ventured into architectural, design and graphic design.

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Swiss Design is the collective project of the Swiss Business Hub presenting this year two innovation pioneers whose solutions aim to improve the way we live and perceive the environment around us.

MAXAKUSTIK studies and proposes its customers acoustic solutions in which technology and design are perfectly combined in order to offer the best possible domestic experience.

SCHINDLER whose elevators, escalators and moving walks transport 2 billion people since 1874 contributing to present and future urban mobility constantly investing in technologies aware of human needs

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From the raw idea through to the final elaborate product, Toyota Material Handling Europe’s (TMHE) design team creates the future of Logistics with user, customer and planet in mind.

This year at our “let’s give you a lift” exhibition, you will be able to see our TLDC2024 Finalists, a replica of our design studio with work from students and our designers, as well as a part dedicated to the history and the future of the humble Hand Pallet Truck and its journey from a utility product to a design icon.

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Zip Zone Events is an event format that was born more than twenty-five years ago from the intuition of Alessandra Stretti. She started her project in one of the most important worldwide hubs of fashion and design, namely the city of Paris.


In the recent years it has established itself in the Milanese environment, bringing to Italy the concept of a collective exhibition, dedicated to creatives and to brands which range from the Design world to the one of Art, and Creative Projects.

Thanks to the accurate selection of the exhibitors, we gave birth to an artistic environment where people can enjoy the new trends and discover emerging talents. It will be an occasion to take stock of the realm of today’s design world and its main characters. 

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