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Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as GAC Group) was founded in June 1997, and is headquartered in Guangzhou, China. It is a large joint-stock automobile enterprise listed on both the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchanges. To date, its best Fortune Global 500 ranking is No. 176. The main activities cover six sectors, including auto R&D, vehicles, parts and components, commercial services, financial services and mobility services. 
As the design organization of GAC R&D Center, GAC Design has created world-class automotive designs, including a number of concept and production vehicles, supporting the rapid growth of GAC Group (Guangzhou Automotive Group Co. Ltd).

GAC R&D Center Europe
Via Tortona, 16
delta lg.png
Delta Light

Delta Light will launch its latest collection at Milan Design Week 2023, presenting it with the publication of the new catalog The Lighting Bible 15. 

State-of-the-art precision optics, finishing and design innovations and elegant decorative expressions will be some of the innovations proposed, just as new linear lighting systems and outdoor solutions will be launched.From Tuesday 17 April the new products of the Belgian multinational will also be at the center of momentUM, an evocative installation that will enliven the Delta Light Studio in via private Gaspare Bugatti as part of the Tortona Design Week.

Tortona Square
Via privata Gaspare, 15

For more than 30 years Nardi has been designing and producing outdoor furniture designed for people's well-being and relaxation.

Polypropylene and aluminium are the two materials the company has selected for its products because of their total recyclability and qualities that make them suitable for outdoor environments - in combination with synthetic fabric, upholstery and glass - for outdoor furniture to suit every need.

In 2019 Nardi created the Regeneration production line for post-consumer plastic furniture and introduced LCA analysis. All of Nardi's furniture is made entirely in Chiampo (VI), the company's headquarters, in three production sites designed with cutting-edge technology, also from an environmental point of view. The plants feature energy-saving hybrid injection moulding machines, where the water used is not contaminated and no polluting gases or fumes are emitted into the atmosphere.

Torneria Tortona
Via Tortona, 30
Hainan Lizu

The Li ethnic group of Hainan has a unique and rich cultural heritage, in particular, the traditional spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidery techniques of the Li ethnic group have been selected in the UNESCO 'List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Protection', which is full of cultural value and modern vitality.
At a time when Hainan is in the midst of building a free trade port, it is hoped that the delegation of Hainan Li cultural performance represented by Li Jin will show the world its unique charm on the international stage of Milan Design Week 2023.

Model - Studio
Via Novi, 2
Decor Lab

Decor Lab is a laboratory, a meeting point to get to know and understand the potential offered today by digital in interior decoration. The idea is to give designers and end customers the opportunity to touch products and decoration solutions first-hand and to get to know the various techniques and technologies, but also the materials with their various customization possibilities, to develop unique and creative projects .A training/information that takes place both through our showroom, with four different simulations of environments, and through an intense program of seminars and workshops divided into specific topics that allow you to have an update on the technologies available today and to be able to deal directly with the companies that develop these technologies and materials, to ensure ever greater flexibility and creativity.


Tortona 37
Via Tortona, 37
nhow Milano

Fulcrum of art, design and fashion, nhow Milano is the lifestyle and unconventional brand of the NH Hotel Group, located in the Milanese hub of creativity, in via Tortona 35. Designed by architect Daniele Beretta and furnished by interior designer Matteo Thun, the he hotel, born from the old renovated and reconverted General Electric factory, is a multifunctional space, an experience box that houses design objects and works of art to discover but above all to experience. nhow Milano radically overturns the architectural and structural concept of the hotel space, preferring that of an interactive installation, the result of contaminations of Italian glamor and lifestyle, with an eclectic style, large and comfortable spaces that alternate
works of art and design, always remaining functional. The nohw's mission is to generate an unstoppable "wow" effect in the eyes of its guests.


Via Tortona, 35

Launched in 1989, Lexus is a global luxury brand offering a full range of premium vehicles, including LS and ES sedans, LC and RC F coupes, LC Convertible, UX, NX, RZ and RX crossovers and the GX and LX SUVs.

Lexus' goal is to "make luxury personal" through imaginative technology, meticulous craftsmanship, refined elegance and "omotenashi", the Japanese sense of hospitality.

With more than 2.4 million hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles sold worldwide to date, Lexus Electrified's vision builds on the brand's experience with electrified vehicles and aims for a fundamental leap in performance, in handling, control and driver enjoyment thanks to electrification technologies. In Europe, more than 80% of Lexus sales are electrified.

Via Tortona, 56

Established in 2000, YOOX is the world’s leading online store for fashion, design and art that lasts a lifetime and beyond. For those who love the thrill of the find, YOOX inspires men and women around the world to express their personal style through a wide selection of well-made yet accessible pieces to cherish season after season. These include hard-to-find clothing and accessories for men and women from the world’s most prestigious designers as well as kidswear, a unique selection of home design objects and exclusive collaborations with internationally renowned artists. From 2020, HI GUY_Z!, a dedicated Gen-Z area with a selection of products and an authentic look and feel for the younger generation has been added, to underscore YOOX's focus on this category.

Torneria Tortona
Via Tortona, 30

Freehand is a young Chinese company that manufactures furniture and exports chairs and tables to overseas customers. The brand new team represents the infinite possibilities of the future, facing challenges and overcoming difficulties, studying past experience to create new projects.
The property, represented by designers, takes care of designing every single product which can also be sampled and personalized thanks to the 3D design, in order to satisfy any customer need.

Tortona Square
Via Tortona, 36

ADF is a non-profit organization established in Japan in 2009 to raise the social status of designers, artists, and architects and foster human resources who can play an active role on the global stage. Since its establishment, ADF has formed numerous business partnerships with design and architecture associations and organizations around the world, and since 2013 has set up an exhibition space at the Garde Italy office in the Tortona district during Milan Design Week, an annual event held in Milan. We present projects of winners of the “ADF DESIGN AWARD 2023” : Kazuhiko Mashiko & MIKAMI Architects/ Oshida Architects & Engineers Co.,Ltd. (Japan) and Senthil Kumar Doss (India).

GARDE is an international branding and global interior design company based in Tokyo.


Tortona 37
Via Tortona, 37

Lechler, a paint manufacturer since 1858, now distributed in over 65 countries around the world, has always promoted the culture of color by studying future trends and scenarios, and developing the technological solutions to achieve it. With the concept Color Design®, which links the development of chemistry to the evolution of the language of colour, Lechler provides indications, suggestions and technical information which facilitate the selection of colors and finishes for designing domestic environments, harmonizing at the same time furniture, furnishings, accessories and walls. As part of Color Design® Lechler proposes the series "The Way of ... ", color collections that give shape to contemporary chromatic paths inspired by new themes. Since 2015 and on an annual basis, The Way of… proposals have been launched on the occasion of the Fuorisalone and spread worldwide through the various offices and distributors.

Antica Fabbrica 14
Via Tortona, 14

Festool is a German company that has been producing power tools since 1925, born to meet the high working needs of professional and passionate craftsmen. Festool has a worldwide presence with various locations and its headquarters in Stuttgart. We literally develop first-class cordless and cordless tools from the hands of the craftsmen. The proposed solutions are designed in Germany with the advice of professional craftsmen. In doing so, we attach the utmost importance to quality and reliability. Our mission is to always offer the best power tools on the market according to the company claim "Tools for higher demands".


Via Ripa di Porta Ticinaese, 61
Zip Zone Events

Zip Zone Events is an event format that was born more than twenty-five years ago from an idea by Alessandra Stretti in one of the world's nerve centers of fashion and design, the city of Paris. In recent years it has also established itself in the Milanese environment, bringing the concept of a collective exhibition to Italy, dedicated to creatives and brands ranging in the world of Design, Art, Photography and Jewellery. Thanks to the careful selection of exhibitors, we have created an artistic context in which to confront each other, learn about new trends and discover emerging talents. It will once again be an opportunity to take stock of the state of the art in the design sector together with all its protagonists.

Via Tortona, 26
Keio SDM

Time flows from the present day to the future. Today's self creates tomorrow's self, and the day after tomorrow and beyond will repeat itself.
If you look at life as a system, you realise that today's outputs become tomorrow's inputs, and new outputs are created to make up the whole, and that every single detailed IN/OUT is very important. We hope that this year's Keio SDM exhibition will make you realise that it is important to create a small flow of your own in order to build a better future for yourself and the world. In this exhibition, two student teams, a team of alumni and an exhibition of sponsors present the various perspectives of setting up and creating small flows, such as feeling good about yourself, facing food properly, training for the future, and raising awareness in the right direction on a global scale. It shows an attitude and a flow towards the future. We hope that experiencing this will help you to arrange a good flow.

Via Tortona, 12
Officina 14

Officina14 was born in 2012 as a multi-brand showroom for the lingerie and beachwear sector, but the suggestive location allows it to host various types of events, such as during the Design week where designers, artisans and hobbyists will present their products.


Antica Fabbrica 14
Via Tortona, 14

NOROO Group presents 'MIRAGE' inviting visitors into a multisensory experience where could explore plenty paths of iridescent colors and infinite reflections penetrating prisms of light in collaboration with UAUproject's eco-sustainable 3D print artworks, directed by NOROO Milan design Studio.This exhibition derives inspiration from forests, mysterious inviolability and light, balance and flexibility, wisdom and harmony, and its ability to make nature and different ecosystems coexist together.


Torneria Tortona
Via Novi, 5

Swatchbox takes material samples from leading brands around the world. It allows designers to request them in a single box with free delivery, which they can keep or return.
The construction industry in Italy generates over 1⁄3 of packaging waste each year and the distribution of samples contributes significantly. Swatchbox enables designers and companies to be more sustainable in the prescription process. 
Swatchbox uses validation techniques to verify the professional status of those placing an order. Design studios can choose to validate their entire team for immediate shipment with a free 2 working day delivery service across Europe.


Tortona Gallery
Via Tortona, 20

Pupils need to develop a positive attitude towards music during adolescence. In music, creativity can be used and you can experience the joyful emotions of creation and the result of work. Teachers can appreciate the enrichment of teaching, practical learning outcomes and links with other areas of education in this new tool. All this under the same initial conditions for all students.


Premiere of a prototype of an educational application built on the mobile platform ios and Android. A direct response to digitization and the educational system with elements of gamification.  The author of Melodize is Jaroslav Rauser.

Studio Savona
Via Savona, 57
IAB Italia

Design & Fashion Digital Touchpoints will offer an overview of Luxury investments in 2022 and 2023 and will analyze the perception and experience of luxury brands. Through insights and case histories, we will also talk about sustainability, brand growth, customer experience to understand how the protagonists of the sector use digital touchpoints to tell their stories effectively.


Cariplo Factory - BASE
Via Bergognone, 34

The fundamental principle of the Academy is the individual approach to each student. The aim is to support talent and develop creative skills, while emphasising original independent thinking about society and nurturing a collective responsibility for our environment. Roughly 500 students across 24 studios are currently enrolled at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. The Academy opens its doors to the public twice a year with an exhibition of student work entitled “Artsemestr”. Every year, the Academy organises more than 15 exhibition events, half of which take place abroad. According to the QS World University Rankings, UMPRUM is the only school from a post-communist country ranked among the most prestigious art schools in Europe.


Studio Savona
Via Savona, 57
MA - Between Nature and Craftsmanship

The exhibition showcases the result of a collaborative design project between the Institute for Materialdesign IMD at Offenbach University of Art and Design, and Mazda Motor Corporation. As an interactive installation reinterpreting the Japanese design philosophy from a European perspective, it presents an understanding of the philosophy of Ma (間, lit. in Japanese art and raftsmanship. The project emphasises the perception of the gap and interval between nature and craftsmanship.The Institute for Material Design IMD at the Offenbach University of Art and Design works on the experimental and interdisciplinary intersection of design and materialization. The focus of the work is the role of the material in the design process. Designing appropriate to the material becomes a „design with designed materials“, which materials become carriers of a wide variety of information that enter into a dialogue with their environment.

Studio Savona
Via Tortona, 20
Casello Giallo

Once it was the Porta Genova station, now the platform is dead and the roadman's house has retired, as well as the toll collector, who however continues to live there ... Walking along via Savona, no one could imagine that behind the iron door at number 5/Let there be a prairie! 

Casello Giallo, in fact, is set up in a secret garden, which has been given new life thanks to the intervention of those who decide to fight to enhance the neighborhood. 

From 17 to 23 April 2023, Casello Giallo is transformed into a "counter" of excellence for the DESIGN GARDEN by BARTENDER'S ROAD – Drink, Food & Music event. You have until Sunday 23 April to stop here, between one installation and another at the Fuorisalone, inside the Tortona Design District.

Casello Giallo
Via Savona, 5
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