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THE RED EXPERIENCE by Ploom X Ora ïto at Milan Design Week is a journey between the real and imaginary worlds: an immersive experience into the innovative vision of Ploom - a heated tobacco device for adult smokers only, not without risk, to be used with tobacco sticks containing nicotine, an addictive substance - and into the creative mind of renowned French designer Ora ïto. Combining technological modernity and timeless design, THE RED EXPERIENCE gives an immersive experience in the creative world of Ora ïto. Navigate through unique spaces-a journey that becomes more immersive with each step, stimulating the senses with its iconic shade of red. "Red is a highly symbolic color with a significant impact," says Ora ïto. "Just place a single red object in an empty room and you will understand its unique energy. Red has many interpretations-for some it means love, for others it is intensity and boldness. Red symbolizes our love for bold, passionate products that bring our senses to life."

Discover a sensory universe at THE RED EXPERIENCE by Ploom X Ora ïto from April 17 to 21, 2024 in Via Tortona, 32 - 20144 Milan, Italy

The "Special Edition Red by Ora ïto"
THE RED EXPERIENCE at Milan Design Week is the perfect setting to celebrate the worldwide launch of the Special Edition Red by Ora Ito, born from the collaboration between Ploom and the famous designer. This unique reinterpretation of the Ploom device is as fascinating as it is eye-catching. Reworked by Ora ïto, it is a striking creation with a bold red lacquer finish. A collection of accessories in the same iconic coloring completes the limited edition, including a back cover, case, and shoulder bag, an exclusive Ora ïto creation for Ploom.


About Ploom:Ploom represents the fruit of years of study and research between California and Japan, and is a next-generation heated tobacco device designed to be used with nicotine-containing tobacco sticks (an addictive substance) and offer a unique combination of authenticity, cutting-edge technology, and premium style.

Ploom X is a product intended for adult smokers only. These products are not risk-free. It is intended to use tobacco sticks containing nicotine, an addictive substance.

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